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A special episode in television was held on the packaging of food product history – Zero Residues and Freshbox interviewed

  • Monday January 16th, 2017

A specialist working on LIFE Zero residues project and LIFE Freshbox project, which Transfer participates on both, was interviewed in a special episode of the TV program, EN RUTA CON LA CIENCIA from Aragon TV. The episode focused on the history of packing and has interviewed Dr Rosa Oria, who explains the technological developments that are used in two LIFE + projects to better preserve fresh food from the time they are harvested in the field until they are consumed in home (this is called shelf life of fresh products).

The program carried out its 35th chapter (02/12/2016) on the history of packaging for food products. Two projects co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE + program: the ZERO RESIDUES project and the FRESHBOX project are included as examples of technological development in the agri-food sector in Spain. The first one develops the methodology of Zero Waste production and uses microperforated containers that help to prolong the product useful life. The second develops a smart box to transport fresh produced food by reducing the carbon footprint in international transport.

We invite you to see the interview (only in Spanish):

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