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BBC News: “Rat-scaring laser trial to protect crops”

  • Friday October 28th, 2016

The well-known BBC News has published an article on the recently-launched LIFE Laser Fence project. Led by the Liverpool John Moores University and with the participation of 7 other partners from The Netherlands and Spain, this project focuses on addressing the problem of animal invasion in crop fields while minimizing chemical exposure in agriculture.

“The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said innovation was important to support the farming industry following Brexit.

The European Commission has contributed 1.7m euros ($1.85m, £1.5m) to support the research, the Register reports.

“The laser has already been produced,” Dr Alex Mason, project co-ordinator of the Life Laser Fence project, told the BBC.

“It’s a commercial product used in a number of situations – but we are looking at using it in agricultural situations, on a wider range of species.”


With a total budget of €3.1 millon and a grant of  €1.7 millon from the European Union, the project kicked-off in September of this year and will end in December of 2019.