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EU Commission visits biodegradable plastic mulching site for LIFE Multibiosol in Zaragoza

  • Friday May 27th, 2016

On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24th-25th, the partners of the LIFE Multibiosol project welcomed Patricia Serrano, expert monitor sent in by NEEMO EEIG-IDOM to visit the project site on behalf of the European Commission. She learned from the partners about the progress made with the project thus far, the steps that lie ahead and all the details required for the progress report due at the end of June.

Small-scale trials with biomulching started this month in the parcel of a CAA-associated farmer, and we are expecting good results from tomato, pepper and cucumber harvests. In a month, we will proceed to cover the EEAD-CSIC’s apple and peach trees with biodegradable plastic bio-bags. During this campaign, we will send samples of the plastic to the ARCHA laboratories to check the degree of biodegradability; harvested products will then be analysed byPCTAD  to determine quality levels.

Proyecto Multibiosol
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