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Transfer Consultancy launches a online compliance tool for the LIFE programme!

  • Tuesday March 3rd, 2020

Today we are very happy to announce the launch of our new Online Compliance Tool specifically designed for the LIFE Programme. After participating in more than 18 projects, our team has experienced the difficulties of organizing and consolidating all information according to the LIFE guidelines. Therefore, a task force was mounted in Transfer Consultancy in order to develop an easy-to-use system that could not just record the data according to the templates provided by the Commission, but also help partners to not commit common mistakes.

The whole tool is hosted in Google Drive and works with the Google Spreadsheets service. One of the main advantages of our system is always working with online documents, avoiding the high amount of emails and different documents versions being exchange by e-mail. Additionally, all docs are stored in the cloud in a shared folder (each Associated Beneficiary defines its access rights) allowing partners, leader and compliance manager to easily know which documents were already sent and which are missing. Again, the system avoids having different documents stored in several offline servers.

If you are planning to or participating in a LIFE programme project and would like to use our tool, please contact us. If you want to know more about our tool and already have an understanding of the LIFE guidelines, please continue reading. Below we will explain some of the main features of our compliance tool.

A quick look on the tool

Our compliance tool was designed specifically to the LIFE Programme based on more than 21 years working in LIFE projects. One of the main priorities when developing this system was to guarantee privacy of all information. Therefore, every partner would fill all the personnel data in a separated document called Dashboard. This data would automatically go to the individual financial statement, protected and hidden, giving more freedom to other employees access the individual financial statement without having access to personnel information.

The time recording system uses the LIFE programme timesheets template as can be seen below. All information filled in the timesheets is automatically consolidated in the individual financial statement, not needing to fill manually any information in the Personnel tab.

timesheet example

For the travel declarations costs, TRANSFER developed a template in which the partner fill all the necessary information on this travel declaration and it goes automatically to the Travel tab of the individual cost statement. Additionally, the travel declaration automatically identifies if the VAT is eligible or not (for partners with non-recoverable VAT manual changes are required)


On top of that, a monitoring tab in the individual financial statement allows every partner to follow and compare its expenditure with the proposal budget. All costs are broken down per action and per cost category, allowing a close look on where the partner is over/under spending.

The system still have many other features such as create new timesheets automatically,  prepare documents to send to the commission automatically and etc. If you are interested in using our system or know more about it, please contact us and we will be happy show everything it can do.

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