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Read about the impact of LIFE Zero Cabin Waste in Layman’s Report

  • Saturday March 21st, 2020

The LIFE Zero Cabin Waste project concluded successfully. Its main objective was the development of a sustainable management model for catering waste generated on airplanes, addressing both Category 3 waste (from intra-European Union flights) and Category 1 waste (generated on non-European Union flights). Iberia, along with Ecoembes, Gate Gourmet (GG), Ferrovial, and ESCI-UPF, worked together on this project from September 2016 to December 2019.

In the Layman’s report, available for download in the Multimedia section of this page, a detailed summary of the project’s objectives, implemented procedures, and achievements is presented. We invite you to read it to learn more about this pioneering initiative that offers innovative solutions for sustainable waste management in the aviation industry, representing a significant advancement in the development of circular economy models for the aviation sector.

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