Doubling of LIFE funding in new program 2021-2024

  • Monday May 7th, 2018

In support to achieving Europe’s environmental objectives, the European Parliament voted to double the funding of the LIFE Programme, the EU’s only funding instrument on nature conservation and climate, in the next EU budget post-2020.

In its vote on the “Report on the next MFF: Preparing the Parliament’s position on the MFF post-2020”, parliament also states that the EU budget needed to be based on the EU’s international commitments such as the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement, and it explicitly mentions environmental degradation and biodiversity loss as challenges.

MEPs also advocate a 30% climate spending target, and ‘mainstreaming’ of climate mitigation throughout all sectoral policies. This is a very good development as we at Transfer are specialised in Climate related projects, particularly on Adaptation projects.

On Common Agriculture Policy, which accounts for 35% of the current EU budget, MEPs have called for a policy that would support farmers’ transition towards environmentally friendly farming practices. However, the report does not lay out any concrete proposals on reforming the CAP to make it more sustainable. In any case Transfer Consultancy (through its 15 LIFE projects) has always supported this transition towards a more sustainable agriculture under the term “regenerative agriculture”.


Source: based on information from EU Business

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