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LIFE Biomass C+ aims to demonstrate improvements in climate mitigation strategies through the production of sustainable biofuel. It will utilise existing and underused infrastructure and water resources (i.e. irrigation channels, ponds, lakes, river arms) to produce zero-input biomass, with high starch content that will then be converted into bioethanol and eventually biofuel. To do this, the project proposes an innovative green technology of Green Floating Filters (GFF), where aquatic macrophyte plants (Typha domingensis) will be grown in multiple water bodies.



  1. Provide a carbon positive energy balance and other environmental co-benefits.
  2. Develop a clean, dependable method to produce biofuel without utilizing agricultural land.
  3. Demonstrate the applicability of Biomass C+ on an industrial scale.
  4. Demonstrate the potential and cost-effectiveness of this new close to market concept.
Biomass C+ v1

Duration: 01-09-2017 until 26-02- 2021.

Total Budget: 1,901,696.00 €

EU grant amount: 1,125,115.00 €

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