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Farmers lose billions of euros each year through damages in crop production. Chemical poisons are often used to control rodent populations on farms, but studies in Europe show that anticoagulant rodenticides contribute to the deaths of a variety of mammals and birds that prey on or scavenge rodents. A virtual fence is then an interesting solution to contain animals in an area or keep them out of a defined range. This project presents an innovative technology, Agrilaser, to keep animals away from productive fields while maintaining animal welfare.


The project’s main objectives are to demonstrate:
1. Reduction of the impact of chemicals on fauna by the minimization of exposure to toxic chemicals through the application of innovative laser systems.

2. Calibration and improvement of the functionality of the laser systems towards animals other than birds in ecologically sensitive areas where nature conservation increasingly conflicts with agriculture and daily economic activities.

3. Cost-efficient and more sustainable agricultural management practices thanks to the incorporation of non-harmful technologies such as laser fences and drones, which are accurate and cheap to monitor farmlands, protected or difficult to reach areas, and over long distances.

Duration: 01-09-2016 until 31-12- 2019.

Total Budget: 3,135,928 €

EU grant amount: 1,777,985 €

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