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LIFE RESILIENCE proposes to develop genotypes of productive and pathogen-resistant plants, apply practices and innovate in natural methods of vector control to demonstrate their effectiveness in preventing negative effects of Xylella fastidiosa.

The project deals with the sustainable and resistant agricultural and forestry sectors in the CC Adaptation priority area, since it aims to demonstrate an increase in the sustainability and resistance of the intensive production of olive and almond trees in the Mediterranean. This project also addresses the EU priority area of Climate Change Mitigation, mainly in relation to land use and forestry.


  1. Evaluate and crossbreed pathogen-resistant olive varieties as resilient options for olive producers in potentially infected areas, minimizing the risk of losses due to XF and other pathogens. These new olive varieties can create different olive oils with new organoleptic qualities, increasing the competitiveness in the sector.
  2. Demonstrate sustainable best practices and technologies for intensive Mediterranean olive and almond production systems, that lower their water consumption and carbon footprint, increase biodiversity and resistance to pests/pathogens without compromising yield.
  3. Provide a replicable model of best practices for olive, almond, and other woody crops such as citrus and grapevine production systems in Europe, increasing their capacity to adapt to CC and future epidemics.
  4. Involve multidisciplinary actors in transnational collaboration to provide new prevention strategies and EU policies for uptake.

Duration: 4 years.

Total Budget: 2,900,000.00 €

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