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The Green Link aims to demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of an innovative tree growing method that has the potential to restore desertified areas across the Mediterranean border.


The Green Link project seeks to contribute to the development of effective adaptation strategies across the Mediterranean region by testing an innovative growing method to restore desertified areas. This consists of replacing traditional irrigation techniques with the Cocoon, a water-efficient, low-cost and 100% biodegradable water container. Through six trials in three different Mediterranean countries suffering from desertification, the project will:

1. Demonstrate that Cocoon technology can help combat desertification and climate change in the Mediterranean

2. Demonstrate the economic feasibility of an improved and more sustainable technology to plant trees without the use of irrigation.

3. Design specific ecological interventions for a more efficient adaptation to climate change and enhance ecosystem services, particularly in relation to soil quality improvement and biodiversity.

4. Integrate novel methodologies to measure biodiversity, soil carbon stock, soil loss and human well-being while allowing for the assessment of climate change impact and resilience.

5. Map ecosystem services for adaptation strategies in order to gain a better understanding of the positive outputs of the project.

6. Replicate the project experience and actively engage stakeholders.


Duration: 01-07-2016 until 31-03- 2020.

Total Budget: 2,966,802€

EU grant amount: 1,772,581€

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