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LIFE Zero Cabin Waste aims to create an integrated model to reduce, reuse and recycle (including energy recovery) waste collected on airplanes, and to establish the basis for other airlines to replicate this approach. The project will focus on recoverable (light packaging plastics, cans, cartons, glass and paper) and municipal solid waste (MSW, the organic fraction mixed with other inseparable fractions), from both Cat. 1 (international flights) and Cat. 3 (EU flights).



1. Demonstrate that with good management practices, stakeholders’ engagement and coordination, a great deal of cabin waste can be separated on-board;

2. Prove that Cat. 1 waste can be dealt with without risks for human or animal health. The project aims to show that current legislation is overprotective and wasteful, and it aims to be a driver for policy change;

3. Contribute to the reduction of the high carbon footprint associated with the generation and inadequate management of cabin waste. The project’s environmental impact will be monitored through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

4. Set the basis for replication through standard protocols (notably, the project’s main strength and innovation, which resides in its integrated approach).

Duration: 01-09-2016 until 31-12-2019.

Total Budget: 2,583,338.00 €

EU grant amount: 1,481,712.00 €

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