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Monitoring expert visits the demonstration sites of Smart Fertirrigation project in Soria

  • Tuesday June 28th, 2016

On June 20th the team of the Project Life Smart Fertirrigation met in the premises of COPISO in Soria (Spain).

The 2ª Steering Committee Meeting and 1st Monitoring Meeting was organised also as part of the monitoring actions of the Commission, represented by monitoring expert Ms. Raquel Navarrete (NEEMO / Idom).

All the partners presented in detail the progress that has been made from a technical point of view and in terms of dissemination and communication. In addition, the monitor revised the financial and technical documentation of all partners, clarifying several doubts. After the lunch break, the monitor went over the financial aspects of the LIFE programme.

During the second day, on the 21st of June the team followed up the partner gathering and monitoring meeting with a visit to the demonstration areas in Almazán. The visit consisted of visiting the fields were the new liquid fertiliser obtained from the process of digestate and filtering will be used. The fertiliser will be poured directly into the irrigation channels, in tanks and trucks. At the beginning of this year it will be used on the sunflower plants and the black poplars. The team also visited COPISO’s swine farm to observe the new trials with phytase enzymes. Finally, the team visited the premises of PURAL where the digestate is processed with new filtering and drying technologies.

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