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TRANSFER Consultancy joins the LIFE Resilience team

  • Saturday November 10th, 2018

TRANSFER CONSULTANCY joins the team of LIFE Resilience as a vital piece in the project management coordinationing the administrative and financial part. Your role as “Compliance Manager” has the task of ensuring that the consortium complies with the standards of the LIFE program. In addition,  they must regularly monitor all activities, products and expenses. Periodically, they collect and verify documentation, advise project partners on all administrative issues and reports with the Executive Agency for SMEs of the European Commission (EASME).

The LIFE Resilience project consortium is made up of nine organizations, of which 5 are Spanish, 2 Italian and 2 Portuguese, including private companies, universities, associations of agricultural products and service companies. This group forms a perfect tandem to carry out this demonstration project that aims to prevent and mitigate the spread of Xilella Fastidiosa in the Mediterranean production systems. However, nine European organizations represent a challenge for the management team. Therefore, to ensure adequate coordination, monitoring and integration of the information, the consortium will be advised by TRANSFER CONSULTANCY as “Compliance Manager”.

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